I Am A Recovering Doormat

I’m a recovering doormat. I should be ashamed to admit that, but I’m not. It’s the way that I was raised. Growing up in an abusive environment, you are often told by your abusers and their enablers that there are justifiable reasons for their abuse of you. Either, they are having a bad day or […]

Voting My Conscience Over The Lesser of Two Evils

If the lesser of two evils is still evil, when I can, I opt for a third choice; my conscience: my personal values and beliefs, instead. Sometimes, the only choices you have in life are one choice that sucks big time and another choice that sucks a little less, but they both still suck, period. […]

Hat of the Day

I’m motivated to write, but, today, I have to practice a bit of self-censorship. So, in lieu of writing about having to deal with other people’s crap disrupting my life, here’s another hat of the day. I got this hat a couple of Christmases ago, from my sister-in-law. It looks a lot better in person […]