Contact Diva’s Laundry Service

  • Phone or Text for Service Appointment: (719) 357-6584
  • We also offer a drop-off location if you would prefer to bring it to us yourself: Miriam’s Place 1519 East Boulder Street CS CO 80909 (Please call ahead to make an appointment)
  • Text for service updates: (719) 357-6584
  • Invoice/Payment inquires:
  • PayPal email:

  • All orders and connected services must be pre-paid before items can be removed from your premises and before any work can be done. Diva’s Laundry Service accepts cash or debit/credit cards, only.

Thank you for stopping by our website. Use this page to get in touch with and/or schedule a service call with Diva’s Laundry Service and we will get back to you within 24 hours to respond to any questions, comments, or concerns.

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