Podcast Extra: Homemade Powdered Laundry Detergent

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It’s just three basic ingredients:

Zote ( Zee Oh Tee Eee) soap flakes (you can grate a Zote soap bar or buy it pre-flaked) alternately, you can use any kind of laundry soap bar

Super Washing Powder or Borax

Epson Salts

and your favorite essential oil if you have some.

The soap flakes are obviously the main ingredient for cleaning The washing powder or borax is a laundry booster to give your detergent a little more oompf (totally technical term) and the Epson salts help to eliminate odors. A few drops of your favorite essentials oils will leave your laundry smelling wonderful, but not too overwhelming.

In a blender or a food processor, put

1-1/2 cups of washing powder

1/2 half cup of soap flakes

Two tablespoons of Epson salts

and eight to ten drops of your favorite essential oils

Blend all ingredients until they are the consistency of sand. Place in an air-tight container such as a covered bowl or jar and for every ten pounds of laundry, one tablespoon of this detergent will get your laundry nice, clean, and fresh smelling. I use this detergent for all of my clients that request a commercial alternative. I’d recommend forgoing the essential oils for a newborn or if a member of your household has a history of allergies. One batch should cost less than five bucks and will do about thirty-two average loads of laundry.

Thanks for taking the time out to listen to Laundry and Other Mysteries. Stay glued to this website for other laundry tips and hacks.


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