Laundry and Other Mysteries: Learning To Shut Out The Noise With Antonio Briceno

Last week, for the Laundry and Other Mysteries Podcast, I sat down with my good friend and meditation guide, Antonio Briceno, to discuss his business story and why he decided to start Shut Out The Noise Meditation.

Make Friends With Your Laundry Laundry and Other Mysteries

The best way for you to overcome your personal battles with laundry may very well be to make friends with it. Except for socks. Socks are evil. Throw those clothes in the dryer, pull up a cuppa, sit back and tune in to another episode of Laundry and Other Mysteries with your host, Desiree HIckson, also known as The Laundry Diva You can reach Linda Margrave at the following links: Visit Linda’s Pediatric Holistic Wellness (PH Wellness) websites here: Call Linda here: 833-749-2947 Jordan Smith: TBD Hope Advanced (Tim & Brownie Richardson): Sonja Baker: Canon City Advocates Miriam’s Place Special thanks to music by A Bad Night For A Hero The home of Laundry and Other Mysteries and every back episode or promo: Connect with The Laundry Diva Instagram Facebook Twitter @DivasLaundry LinkedIn Become a $5/Month Patron for ad-free access: — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. Make Friends With Your Laundry
  2. Laundry Gods, Self-Care, and How To Connect While Social Distancing
  3. Season Two Trailer
  4. Learning To Shut Out The Noise with Antonio Briceno
  5. Reinventing Your Business After The Great Pause featuring Amy Cook-Porter of Terra Essentials

Today’s main topic is meditation and learning how to shut out the noise and relax in the present moment.

My guest, Antonio Briceno, is a meditation guide at Miriam’s Place but he’s also in the business of providing insurance and supporting the Colorado Springs community in other ways.

You can find Antonio Briceno at the following links:

Antonio A. Briceno
P (719) 203-6424

Shut Out The Noise Meditation

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