Mobile Apps, Gift Cards, and Podcasts! Oh, My!

Diva’s Laundry Service is growing by leaps and bounds. We seem to be doubling our client base, annually and that’s the great news but that unfortunately means that I haven’t had a lot of time to update the blog or even edit my several upcoming podcast episodes, or even work on the dozen other line items that I am responsible for. But, I have to tell you about two new things that were recently added to our services for you.

Diva’s Laundry Service Smartphone App

You read that correctly. Diva’s Laundry Service now has a smartphone app (it also works on your tablet or smartphone). It’s free and will give you access to our service menu and allow you to make requests for any kind of mobile laundry service that we currently have on offer. When you fill out the app form, The Laundry Diva will be notified of your request and you will promptly be put on our service route, based on your request.

Even if you don’t care about using our laundry services you can access our podcast, Laundry and Other Mysteries with The Laundry Diva, through our app and even watch YouTube videos produced by or for Diva’s Laundry Service.

It’s free. Just follow the link on your chosen device and then save to your desktop or home page when prompted. Easy Peasy!

Diva’s Laundry Service Now Has eGift Cards!

Speaking of EASY! Are you in Colorado Springs? Looking for a way to make someone in Colorado Springs, CO happy by giving them the gift of free time but you don’t want to do their laundry yourself? Let Diva be the gift that keeps on giving! Starting as low as $30, you can give the gift of clean laundry and free time to anyone on your holiday list (in Colorado Springs)! Treat yourself AND treat your bestie!

Do you want to do a Podcast?

Yes, You!

I’m looking to talk to everyday people and get to know what they think about common and uncommon issues of any particular interest. Every one deserves a chance to be heard and I think you do too. Do you collect bugs, do you have a special skill that few people have, do you want to share your opinion on the Moon Landing? I’m all ears. Let’s chat.

Check out Laundry and Other Mysteries on to decide whether or not you’d like to come on my podcast and let my tiny band of followers get to know you. I record every Sunday morning (either by phone or Zoom chat). Click the link and leave me a voice message to let me know you are interested.

That’s all the updates for now! Stay tuned for what’s new in the near future!


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