Make Friends With Your Laundry And Other Mysteries

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I know. I know. Where the heck has the podcast been? Keep reading to get the link!

It’s been sitting on my computer waiting for me to edit and clean it up for broadcast. In my defense, I did release an unedited copy to my Patreon (which you can access, along with all my other episodes, ad-free) last week.

Because of Covid-19 expectations of certain types of businesses have increased their need for services like mine and my business has grown exponentially because of it. This, on top of the number of new personal clients that I meet every week. Trying to hire staff is like trying to win the lottery. Because I’m not hiring full-time it’s hit or miss if I can find someone who is willing to join my team. And, because I don’t have anyone to help me pick up the slack that means laundry has to take priority over podcasting and when I say laundry I mean LAUNDRY (I wish I was joking; this is not a complaint just a simple observation).

Luckily, before my business got busy I did have time to collect a number of podcast interviews and as soon as I get the funds to pay someone or get the time to edit them myself, I will publish each one as soon as possible.

Without further ado, here’s the link to the my latest episode featuring my friend, Linda Margrave, licenced physical therapist and owner of Pediatric Holistic Wellness: Make Friends With Your Laundry

I’ve included the show notes below:

The best way for you to overcome your personal battles with laundry may very well be to make friends with it. Except for socks. Socks are evil.

Throw those clothes in the dryer, pull up a cuppa, sit back and tune in to another episode of Laundry and Other Mysteries with your host, Desiree HIckson, also known as The Laundry Diva

You can reach Linda Margrave at the following links:

Visit Linda’s Pediatric Holistic Wellness (PH Wellness) websites here:

Call Linda here: 833-749-2947

Jordan Smith: TBD

Hope Advanced (Tim & Brownie Richardson):

Sonja Baker: Canon City Advocates

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