Holistic Laundry Course: Stain Stick and Pretreater Spray

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Holistic Laundry Course How to Make Your Own Stain Stick and Pretreater Spray

Welcome to The Holistic Laundry Course Hosted by The Laundry Diva and Diva’s Laundry Service powered by doTerra Essential Oils

How to make pretreater stick and stain treatment spray


Hi, Guys! Welcome back to our Holistic Laundry Course.

You can call me THE LAUNDRY DIVA!


The Laundry Diva is here to make you loathe your laundry less!

This past week I have hosted two other Holistic Laundry Courses:

On Tuesday, I taught you all how to make your own holistic laundry pods

On Thursday, we all learned the joys of chemistry and I taught you all how to make your own fabric softeners and laundry refreshers.

Introduction, continued:

You can find the links to those videos on YouTube or you can visit my website at DIVASLAUNDRYSERVICE.COM and link to all the videos and recipes in this course, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

TODAY we are going to wrap up the cleaning portion of your laundry education and tie it up in a little bow by talking all about nobody’s favorite subject…BUT IT IS MINE…STAINS!

Let’s Get Started:

Today, we are going to start making a stain pretreater stick using

½ bar of castile soap (Today, we are using Dr. Bronner’s All-One Hemp Lavender Pure-Castile Bar Soap).

3 tsp of water

Heat on low in the microwave in 30 second bursts for one and a half minutes

We’ll mix it up and let it sit for five minutes

Then we’ll add 4 drops of doTerra melaleuca essential oil. Melaleuca has solvent properties.

Stir and then put in (deodorant) canister.

Let cool.

Your stain stick will be ready in about two hours.

Doterra Chat

While we watch that set and prep for the next stain treater, let’s talk about doTerra essential oils.

I added doTerra oils to my laundry business so that I could add a holistic experience for my customers who have special issues that can be exaggerated when normal soaps and detergents are used and so I could save money by making laundry products for my family, myself.

So what is an essential oil and how can essential oils make a difference in your life, your well-being, and your household?

(Interested in learning about doTerra Essential Oils? Would you like to join my team as a doTerra Wellness Advocate? Let’s Chat!)

Moving On: Stain Lifter Spray

I modified this recipe from the doTerra Essential Living book, but I can tell you that it still works.

You will need a spray bottle and a little funnel

½ cup of white vinegar

10 drops of lemon and 10 drops of melaleuca

Then shake shake shake and away you go!

It Works!

I did my laundry using the homemade laundry pods, homemade fabric softener and pretreated items that I purposely stained with coffee, lipstick, sharpie marker and Bic pen. I can report that the coffee came out with the stain spray and the stain stick got out the lipstick, completely, and took away most of the stain from the sharpie and the ink pen. (I’ll use some WD40 to get those stains out the next time I clean).

And that’s IT!

We have come to the end of our Holistic Laundry Course! I hope you have found this course helpful and that you will put some of these hacks into your regular laundry routine!

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The Laundry Diva is here to make you loathe your laundry less!

Thanks for watching! Tell your friends! See you next time! BYE!

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