Have You Heard: Episode 2 Laundry and Other Mysteries

They said it wouldn’t get done, but they were thankfully wrong about that!

Episode 2 of Laundry and Other Mysteries is now ready for your ear-holes.

In episode 1, I sat down with chiropractor, Dr. Lauren Penn, of PinPoint Chiropractic, and we chatted about laundry and community service.

In episode 2, we discuss her business philosophy and the favorite books that she loves to share with other entrepreneurs.

If you need some motivation to get your 2020 started off right, then you need to listen to this new episode of Laundry and Other Mysteries.
Another episode of Laundry and Other Mysteries is ready for your ear-holes!
Episode 2: It All Works Together with Dr. Lauren (Lauren N. Penn) dropped this morning (at this link: https://anchor.fm/dashboard/episode/eajfho)

You can become a patron and get an early listen to every episode of the Laundry and Other Mysteries Podcast, before they drop to the public and without all those pesky ads via our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/listen-to-2-ad-33683730

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