COLORADO SPRINGS, March 2, 2020 — LAUNDRY AND OTHER MYSTERIES, (, hosted by Desiree Hickson, owner of Diva’s Laundry Service is proud to announce the latest episode of the LAOM podcast, featuring an interview with Janerio Hardy and Fawna Charles of Tree Pose Cooperative. Laundry And Other Mysteries is a podcast about laundry, laundry tips, and tricks and focuses on business owners and creators, social impact businesses, and how business owners and creators support their communities and is geared toward business and creative entrepreneurs of all ages.

The fourth full episode ( features Tree Pose Cooperative in Colorado Springs and discussion of how the owners Janerio Hardy and Fawna Charles seek to impact the community through the growth and development of their business-owners and workers co-op.

Desiree Hickson says, “I meet a lot of creative business owners every week, but it was an eye-opening experience sitting down with Jay and Fawna of Tree Pose Cooperative and learning more about the general premise of what a cooperative is and what it can do for the Colorado Springs community. The implications are very exciting.”

Fans of the podcast can contact Desiree Hickson via email ( or via the podcast page to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast, or to become a guest on the show.

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About Diva’s Laundry Service
A self-described “Laundry Diva”, Desiree “Diva” Hickson is an entrepreneur who is committed to serving the Colorado Springs community and providing mobile laundry services that are second to none. She has spent the last 8 years honing her skills and is currently most passionate about the work she is doing as a personal laundry assistant and holistic cleaning coach. As a laundry attendant turned “Laundry Diva”, Desiree has developed a unique perspective when it comes to being a laundry professional.

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