It’s Hard To Hate Up Close: How To Be An Ally Through Our Current Social Awakening

Laundry and Other Mysteries with The Laundry Diva

I’ve released two new episodes of the podcast in 2021. The most recent episode will release tomorrow on Anchor or you can catch an edited version on my Youtube page.

Business has been booming over the last 6 months so I have less time to podcast than I originally anticipated but I wanted to release a special Black History Month episode with the content that I covered in a summer conversation with my good friend, James Proby, founder and Chief Ethos Officer of the Men’s Xchange in Colorado Springs, CO.

I have about 5 more podcasts left to produce and new interviews planned, so stay tuned. In the meantime, keep the suds at bay and put your clothes away.

I’ve included the show notes below:

Content Warning: Racism, Police Brutality, Slavery

It’s The Black History Month Episode!

We’re talking George Floyd, Rodney King, Breonna Taylor, the history of slavery, and protesting in the time of coronavirus and how you can be an ally through this country’s current social awakening!

Throw those clothes in the dryer, pull up a cuppa, sit back and tune in to another episode of Laundry and Other Mysteries with your host, Desiree Hickson, also known as The Laundry Diva.

You can reach our guest, James Proby, at the following links:

The Men’s Xchange: 409 N Tejon in Colorado Springs, CO


Twitter: @ThemensX



Honorable Mention:

Pikes Peak Workforce Center

Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center

Reach Pikes Peak

Colorado Springs Conservatory

One Nation Walking Together

Inside/Out Youth Services

Episode Reading List:

Caste by Isabel Wilkerson

The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration by Isabel Wilkerson

Digital Kindness by Lauren Hug

You can find Diva’s Laundry Service at:

Miriam’s Place

Special thanks to CJ Hackett for music by A Bad Night For A Hero

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