Since Nobody Will Read This Anyway

Starting a blog is easy. Keeping it going when nobody is reading it is the pits. I know it’s because so far, it’s pretty much been blah, blah, blah and so on. To be honest, the first blog that I ever had only became a hit because I shared a timely post with another veryContinue reading “Since Nobody Will Read This Anyway”

Still Dreaming

I’m in my 40’s, but sometimes I feel like I’m still working on being a grown-up. I have dreams that I have yet to achieve that I am still not willing to give up on, despite being “middle-aged”. I am pursuing my dreams of being an entrepreneur, but my big dream has always been toContinue reading “Still Dreaming”

Tough Times Don't Last

Tough people do. My motto. It’s helped me get through so much crap in my life. So many people have flooded my life with their drama, their meanness, their neediness, their hatefulness. I have felt, a lot of times, that mentally, I wouldn’t survive any of it; that I would lose it and have aContinue reading “Tough Times Don't Last”

Hat of the Day

I’m motivated to write, but, today, I have to practice a bit of self-censorship. So, in lieu of writing about having to deal with other people’s crap disrupting my life, here’s another hat of the day. I got this hat a couple of Christmases ago, from my sister-in-law. It looks a lot better in personContinue reading “Hat of the Day”