Tough Times Don't Last

Tough times don't last. Tough people do.

Tough people do.

My motto.

It’s helped me get through so much crap in my life.

So many people have flooded my life with their drama, their meanness, their neediness, their hatefulness.

I have felt, a lot of times, that mentally, I wouldn’t survive any of it; that I would lose it and have a mental breakdown and get myself locked up somewhere.

But, so far, life has gotten better, despite not appearing like it would, at one time or another. I don’t believe in karma, but I have had the satisfaction of seeing people who hurt me end up paying the piper in one way or another (even if it actually has nothing to do with what they did to me). Sometimes, it’s just as simple as someone finally hearing me when I complain about a bully at work or as complicated as hearing that some scam that was pulled on me, backfired when the scammer tried their game on someone new. I do not wish harm to others, but I also don’t desire that the individual who harmed me would be free to harm others. I don’t wish my hard times on anybody else.

Thankfully, even through the toughest times, I have gotten through them and things have gotten better. Well, maybe not “better”, but, more like, I adjusted my attitude and my expectations about how I expect things to get better. Learning to let go of situations that I can’t control, learning to let go of people who push my buttons, learning to walk away from situations that make my life miserable, that is what helped make me a tougher person.

I’m not glad that I have had tough times. I am glad that I have learned how to survive them.

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