Still Dreaming

I’m in my 40’s, but sometimes I feel like I’m still working on being a grown-up. I have dreams that I have yet to achieve that I am still not willing to give up on, despite being “middle-aged”. I am pursuing my dreams of being an entrepreneur, but my big dream has always been toContinue reading “Still Dreaming”

I Don't Do Family Holidays

That’s not entirely true. I do family holidays in the most low-key and superficial ways. Both my parents are alive, but, as part of my recovery in my adulthood, I have cut off contact with them. Because of this estrangement, I no longer feel obligated to celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day on their behalf.Continue reading “I Don't Do Family Holidays”

I Am A Recovering Doormat

I’m a recovering doormat. I should be ashamed to admit that, but I’m not. It’s the way that I was raised. Growing up in an abusive environment, you are often told by your abusers and their enablers that there are justifiable reasons for their abuse of you. Either, they are having a bad day orContinue reading “I Am A Recovering Doormat”