Hat Trick

I love hats. You could say that I’m obsessed. I was about 13 when I chose a hat of my own (versus one forced on me by my parents because of the cold weather). It was in the midst of the break-dancing craze and my brothers and I had our own little dance group. WeContinue reading “Hat Trick”

It's All Good

I’m not one to toot my own horn (often), but there are some thing that I am really Good at. For instance, I’m a good singer. When I was young, I aspired to be a lead singer, or at least, a back-up singer. That never panned out, but not because I wasn’t good, but becauseContinue reading “It's All Good”

I'm Not Stalling

I know, I know. I didn’t post, yesterday. In my defense, I got sidetracked with a dozen other things. I did try to write, but my plans fell through due to technical issues. Instead, I got stuck trying to design a cover for a small bowl-shaped candle-holder. It took me all afternoon, due to theContinue reading “I'm Not Stalling”

Writer's Block: Do it anyway!

Here is the first in a long line of post regarding the topic of writer’s block and the annoying propensity of sufferers to endlessly write about said blockage. I plan to keep harping on the topic until my lizard brain finally gets excited enough to write about something, anything, else. I’m calling it the “DoContinue reading “Writer's Block: Do it anyway!”