Writer's Block: Do it anyway!

Keep Calm and Write Something!

Here is the first in a long line of post regarding the topic of writer’s block and the annoying propensity of sufferers to endlessly write about said blockage. I plan to keep harping on the topic until my lizard brain finally gets excited enough to write about something, anything, else.

I’m calling it the “Do It Anyway” project. It’s a challenge to myself to write daily, whether I want to or not, whether I have anything important to say or not.

I am blocked because I practice self-censorship, due to trolls and online stalkers. I can’t say what I really want, when I really want to. I have so much to say, but not quite ready to say it. One of the goals of the “Do It Anyway” project is to keep writing until I don’t feel the need to censor myself, any longer.

I am blocked because I can’t write whenever the mood strikes me. Having a 9 to 5, means that the best I can hope for is that I will remember and/ or still be motivated to write about, this afternoon, the topic that got me excited, this morning. I have several piles of sticky notes with memos I wrote to myself, but by the time I get the time to write about this topic or that issue, my give a damn is busted and my writing mojo opts out for a nap, instead. Another goal of the “Do It Anyway” project is to keep writing until new topics come to me when I have time to write, not just when I think about thinking about writing.

I’m blocked because I have so many interests and I don’t really know where to start or what to let go of. I want to write about all the things. I want to write about politics. I want to write about relationships; marriage, family, polyamory, divorce, dating. I want to write about my work; my up days, my bad days, my coworkers, my experiences. I want to write about music and art and poetry. i want to share memes and stories that I find interesting. I want to explore ideas and express my truth. I want to share ideas of others and I want to share experiences with others. I want to talk about my new business and I want to talk about my fears about running my own business (for the 5th time in 45 years). I want to talk about learning and teaching and repeating history and learning from history. I want to talk about stupid people and evil people and people I love and the mysteries of what humans do.

I’m blocked because my gadgets tend to revolt against me. I can’t blog on my devices because they either take forever to enter data, crash while I’m in the middle of my work, or some of the keys don’t always work on my keyboard, but using the on-screen touchpad is cumbersome and downright annoying.

I’m blocked because I don’t have the privacy to write when I do have the time. I can’t seem to write when there is an apparent audience in proximity to my writing space and I don’t have an unlimited set of spaces to work in. There’s only one and when I’m not alone, it feels like I can’t express myself, sincerely. In fact, I couldn’t get motivated to even write this post until I got some alone time and that was just a fluke; I wasn’t expecting to get any Quiet time, today.

I’m blocked because I’m afraid that I’m not good enough. I want people to like my writing. I want people to like me. I want people to like and buy my crafts when I begin posting them on this site.

I’m blocked because My goal is to write 750 words, but I’m running out of things to say. There are so many ways one can write and whine and complain about not being able to write and having writer’s block while simultaneously, and in actuality, writing about not being able to write.

Maybe, just maybe I can annoy enough people with my boring blogging that the boring blog will bring people out to see what the hell I’m not writing about, today. That would be interesting to see, how many hits could a boring blog get if a boring blog could get hits (My apologies to the woodchuck).

I’ve almost reached the end and earned myself a bag of chili-nut M&M’s.


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