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The Heart of Life Is Good

I’m not one to toot my own horn (often), but there are some thing that I am really Good at.

For instance, I’m a good singer. When I was young, I aspired to be a lead singer, or at least, a back-up singer. That never panned out, but not because I wasn’t good, but because the people that I met along the way to achieving my childhood dreams turned out to be detrimental roadblocks instead of Steps up the ladder of Future Success. Eventually, marriage and children halted my progress towards stardom and I had to settle for being a karaoke host, instead. I was damned good at that, not just the singing part, either. I was a good emcee and d.J. I had a successful entertainment business for a few years until my life and the economy took a turn that required me to hang up my microphone.

I’m a good public speaker. I guess that is one of the things that helps me do so well in the customer service aspects of my job. It likely goes hand in hand with my singing ability, knowing how to address and express myself to a given audience, even if things don’t look like they are going well. I don’t miss giving speeches, but give me a topic that I am passionate about and I can talk your ear off. Unfortunately, I think one of the things that has hindered my blogging is that I think a lot faster than I can type and so I have a hard time expressing myself as eloquently, in writing, as I can while speaking to an individual or a group.

Speaking of work, I’m good at folding sheets. I’m good at folding all laundry. But, my forte is fitted and flat bed sheets. One of these days I may have to do a How-To video. I have mastered the art of folding the fitted sheet and the flat sheet in such a way that they are exactly the same size, thus, making them easier to match up and store away, with almost no wrinkles (even if they aren’t fresh out of the dryer).

I’m good at crochet. I find it amusing that I only recently learned this skill, as I stumble into middle age. I didn’t think that I would ever be decent. It took a couple of weeks for me to master a simple circle. I almost completely gave up. Thank goodness for determination and Youtube. I was determined, at the time, to find a way to make money, since I was having a difficult time finding work and a steady income (as my karaoke business began to dry up and working for other outfits was not working out, either–A post for another day). My determination sent me to the internet for some tips and lessons and within a matter of days, I was crocheting like a pro. Now, I develop my own designs and patterns and sell them for extra cash and I’m ready to turn my talent into a business, again (I gave up my first venture in favor of a regular 9-to-5), to supplement my current income with a goal of quitting my day-job sometime within the next two years.

I didn’t make much of my life, like I had planned, but I had a lot of obstacles to overcome, such as an unsupportive family structure, con artists that wasted my time, and far too many people in my path who didn’t believe in me. It took me a long time to find my footing in this life. First, I had to accept that I was never going to be a world-famous singer. I had to accept that when you are in business for yourself, you have to watch your back; not everyone who is friendly to you is your friend. I had to find new things to be good at and be okay with the fact that not everyone appreciates my talents.

Life is full of disappointments and that’s okay. Not everyone is cut out to be world-famous. But, there is always room in the world for individuals to be good at something; be the best,even, and it’s okay if other people don’t appreciate what you have to offer, so long as you know and understand your own worth.

I’m most proud of the fact that I’m a good person. I am not perfect. But, I try to treat everyone that I meet, fairly, and I try to be as friendly as I can, even to people whom I hate. My life ain’t great. But, it’s not bad. I guess that’s pretty good, too.


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