BYOH: Dance Even If Others Are Watching

This world is so angry and sullen, sometimes, and it is difficult to get your happiness buttons pushed, externally. It is so important to find ways to comfort yourself and build your own happiness. One thing that I have found is, love it or hate it, very few people will say a single word if you sing to yourself or dance by yourself, no matter where you are.

BYOH: Allowing Yourself To Feel

BYOH: Build Your Own Happiness or How to hack your own happiness buttons. Today, the topic is feeling your feelings. Otherwise known as, mindfulness, I feel it is important, in order to get a handle on whether or not I even need to push my own happiness buttons, by getting in touch with my feelingsContinue reading “BYOH: Allowing Yourself To Feel”

BYOH: Defensive Optimism

How to hack your own happiness buttons. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. That’s defensive optimism in a nutshell. How can defensive optimism help you push your own happiness buttons? If you are any kind of a control freak, like I am, then you plan for everything, even things you only “think” willContinue reading “BYOH: Defensive Optimism”