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BYOH: Build Your Own Happiness or How to hack your own happiness buttons.

Today, the topic is Me-Time.

I’m a firm believer in the idea that an individual is better able to take care of others when they take the time to take care of themselves.

Many of our lives are filled with work and getting ready for work and working a side-hustle to make up the difference for not getting paid, adequately, at our day job, exercise and hobbies, and kids, and friends, and other family. It’s no wonder so many of us are so stressed out.

So many of us are responsible for so many things, in this life, and even if that’s not, technically, true, deep down we know that either a) if we don’t do a thing, it won’t get done at all, even if it’s not officially our responsibility and/or b) if a thing needs to get done right (the first time), then we need to be the one to do it (or else we’ll end up being the one cleaning up the mess from someone else). I am THE Diva, when it comes to this song and dance. I got moves, for days, and when I sing, I can make the mailman sing “Amen”.

This is why, Me-Time; taking time out for yourself, is so very important, for your mental, as well as, your physical well-being. Me-Time is one way of jump-starting your happiness buttons. You can take the time in short increments on a daily basis (which I highly recommend) or, in big bites, on a weekly basis.

Choose a “Me Day”, once a week.

I call mine, a Bitch Day, and it’s on Wednesdays. I call it Bitch Day because it’s a day that, being a notorious door-mat, I would choose to say, “No”, without excuse or reservation. Some jack-ass called me a bitch for doing so, once, and the name of the day, stuck.

A “Me Day” (or Bitch Day) is a day set aside for you to be a little selfish. You will still likely have your regular daily responsibilities, but maybe clock-out early or instead of staying late, like usual, you clock-out on time, for once.

If somebody asks you to do something that you truly don’t want to do, but you usually say “Yes”, on Me-Day, the answer is “No”. If you are a beginner at regular use of the N-word, then a simple, “I’ll think about it,” will suffice. You may end up saying “yes”, tomorrow, but on Me-Day, don’t make any commitments that you know you will kick yourself for.

Take yourself out for coffee…or lunch…or dinner…or whatever…alone. On Bitch Day, I started a tradition where I go get myself my favorite coffee and my favorite donut and I sit by myself, in the park, and enjoy them, mindfully, not worrying what onlookers think. I like to go out to eat at a place that I love, that my partner may not care for. I do something, even if it’s just for an hour, that is just for my benefit.

Keep in mind, Me-Day isn’t about taking the whole day, for just yourself. It is about taking moments in an, otherwise, regular day for the sake of yourself. Some days, the time just won’t be there to pamper yourself, so you make it up the next week. You give yourself something to look forward to; a gift for making it through another week with your sanity and hair, intact, and no arrest warrants to speak of.

Even, just 15 minutes a day, behind a closed door, not answering the phone or reacting to a text message, can be a helpful step towards getting some valuable Me-Time.

Feel free, to visit my Facebook page and tell me what kind of things that you do to push your own happiness buttons or drop a line in the comments section. I would really love to hear from you.

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