Triggered: Dizzy News Round-Up

Content Alert: This post contains a round-up the day’s news and may likely contain an abundance of foul language.

Triggered: Why Am I Dizzy Today?

Welcome to my Triggered post, part round-up, part venting portal; a place for me to post the news of the day and express my personal opinion (if I feel so inclined).

Dizzy sez: I don’t even understand the thinking behind a rumor like this. It’s lazy, now that the internet and fact-checking are a thing (another reason it’s nonsensical for the occupant in the White House to push lies and fake news, when the facts and fictions are easily verified or debunked. Maybe conservatives are satisfied with having Ted Nugent and Kid Rock on their side, so they have to make up alliances to trick fence-sitters into thinking (actually) more liberal actors are “actually” conservative, believing, the curious won’t dig much deeper than one internet link. Then, again, look who our president is, so I guess it’s not a stretch to figure out some noobs will fall for it.

Dizzy sez: I’ll never be able to watch this movie series without getting a hankering for sushi, now. Sushi is my third favorite food group outside of bacon and chocolate.

Dizzy sez: I get it. I flip my laptop the bird, every time the current occupant in the White House shows up on my computer.

Dizzy sez: What this current administration is doing to the people of this country is disgusting. Nullifying the accomplishments and breaking the promises of the last administration; effectively nullifying and breaking the government. Why get into public service if all you wish to do is destroy the public trust?

Dizzy sez: Nice. I’ve been called to jury duty four times since 1999. I was seated on a jury, once (they dismissed us after opening arguments).

Dizzy sez: It’s democracy great? Of course, on one hand, I support the refs who walked off the field. On the other hand, it’s like they are saying that they are against what these so-called “National Anthem Protests” stand for; players are protesting police brutality. So, when people mock the (original) protest, it’s like they are effectively saying that either they don’t care about police brutality or that they support the brutal tactics, including the avoidable deaths and shootings caused by the police. Honestly, there is no “right” way to do a peaceful protest AND get noticed. So I applaud athletes and others who protest so publicly and continue to draw attention to this issue. It took a long time to free segregated spaces in the South. I don’t expect police brutality to be solved in a few weekend games, either.

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