Triggered: Dizzy News Round-Up

Content Alert: This post contains a round-up the day’s news and may likely contain an abundance of foul language.

Triggered: Why Am I Dizzy Today?

Welcome to my Triggered post, part round-up, part venting portal; a place for me to post the news of the day and express my personal opinion (if I feel so inclined).

Dizzy sez: I gotta say that I would binge-watch the hell out of a Ghostbusters series featured on Netflix.

Dizzy sez: Republicans need to make up their minds. Either they have family values, or they don’t. You can’t strip affordable birth control for women, rip affordable healthcare from families and children, strip social services from families and children AND have the gall to, effectively, force women to have children and build families that they can’t afford (due to the aforementioned cuts) AND still call yourself the party of family values. It’s unconscionable. Never-mind that women have a constitutional right to choose and that choice is between her and her doctor. But, how can you claim that your religion is against one thing (abortion) AND still refuse to ignore Jesus’ admonition to help the poor and needy? You can’t. Unplanned pregnancies happen, even in families that CAN afford their already existing children, but that one more child could be the one that sends a family over the brink towards poverty. Is the party of family values now declaring that even married people should abstain from sex if they can’t afford kids? I suppose they have plans to improve the economy and raise the minimum wage and adjust the tax code to help the middle and lower classes, instead of just their rich cronies who can afford unplanned pregnancies? Last time I checked, they were working on exactly the opposite. This bill needs to be squashed. Many women don’t even realize that they are even pregnant until long past the six week mark. Abortion is already a woman’s legal right. Republicans need to spend more time on policies that actually help women and families and less time trying to take, what few rights we seem to have , away.

Dizzy sez: There are more effective ways to defend yourself using your keys. I’m totally down for turning mine into a set of mini-nunchucks.

  • For the person who can never get enough mineral water: Pods. (The Verge)

Dizzy sez: On one hand, less large containers would be excellent for the environment. On the other hand, “Really?” . “Wow”. “Whatever”.~ Results of a poll I took around the DizzyDayz newsroom.

Dizzy sez: A homeopathic-esque remedy for insomnia AND it’s free? Yes, please!

Dizzy sez: This seems like kind of an extreme step to go through, when, honestly, Twitter should take ALL user’s complaints, seriously, not just people who have little blue ticks by their names.

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