I’m aware

The world’s gone crazy

It feels like it’s on fire.

I’m aware

Of what’s at stake

As we walk down

This treacherous path.

I’m aware

That there is only

So much I can do.

I’m aware

This new road

May turn dark

Before it ends.

I’m aware

That there are folks

Who don’t care for folks

Like me.

I’m aware

My friends and family

May truly be at risk.

I’m aware

That in the morning

The sun will still

Rise up.

I’m aware

That tonight

The moon will

Settle in.

I’m aware

That I must do my best

To hold my head

Up high.

I’m aware

That I can’t do it

All alone.

I’m aware

That my actions

Do have consequences.

I’m aware

That I may have

To fight

Until the day I die.

I’m aware.

DizzyDezzi (c) 2016


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