Bye Felicia: Nose Soap Dispenser

Bye Felicia: When something is just so “Nope!” that Dizzy has something to say about it.

Today: Nose Soap Dispenser

Oh come on! Nope! No way, dude!

I’m not as opposed to the Nose Soap Dispenser as I am the combination of Brussels sprouts and bacon. But, I still Just. Can’t. with this thing.

Yes, it’s funny. But, man, if I had to come across this thing on a regular basis, I would just have to bring my own hand soap. My subconscious clean-freak would not even allow me to use this thing, because all I would envision is washing my hands in boogers. YUCK!

This is not a serious Nope! but it’s Nope enough for me to say “Bye Felicia” to this novelty item.

I just can’t with this.

Feel free, to visit my Facebook page and tell me what kind of things that make you say, “Nope! Bye, Felicia!” or drop a line in the comments section. I would really love to hear from you.

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