Hello. It's Me…

With all due respect to Adele…

I’m making my comeback into the blogosphere. But, rather than personal, I’m doing this for purely capitalistic reasons. I’m expecting my craft business to be up and running, this summer and I figured that I should make my presence more apparent before I just jumped back in.

If you’ve followed me, in the past, you know that I will keep this blog classy, but I will also speak my mind, boldly and brashly, if I feel like it. This blog will be filled with my unsolicited opinions about my personal life, the world we live in, politics, and, of course, my hand-made crafts.

I will do my best to not be totally offensive, but I cannot promise that you may not sometimes be offended.

Your comments are always welcome. Please be respectful.

Make it a great day!

Hello! It's Me!