Introducing A New Podcast: Laundry and Other Mysteries

Introducing Laundry and Other Mysteries. A pod where we discuss how our guests do their laundry, what they do when the laundry is done, while offering tips for solving some common laundry mysteries to our listeners.

So, I started a podcast! Yep! I’ll bet your ear-holes were not ready to hear that!

I don’t want to give too much away, so I encourage you to follow this link to listen to the trailer and get an idea of what I’m working on, for yourself.

If you are still interested when you have heard it, I encourage you to become a patron of my new podcast at so that you can get early access to every episode and even participate in the creative process, if you become a Laundry Hero!

Laundry and Other Mysteries will be available across multiple podcast platforms, so find me on January 6, 2020, wherever you get your favorite podcasts!


Published by Diva

Trying to live my best life, but chores keep getting in the way!

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