Updated-Happy Anniversary!

The Laundry Diva: Your Personal Laundry Assistant


We made it, for better or worse, through 365 days of laundry!

Of course, it’s mostly thanks in part of my regular loyal customers, of which we have a few! But, it’s also due in part to the input and engagement we’ve received via this blog and our social media engagements (and a few dozen networking meetups).

To offer our “Thanks!”, in gratitude for one year of business, we are offering our customers a set of special gifts to thank you for your support.

From now until May 15, 2020 (updated), Diva’s Laundry Service is going to give you the Treat Yourself Discount on all of our services:

GOGO Discount!

Gift One, Get One! Gift one bag of finished laundry for yourself, a friend, or a family member, get one bag of laundry finished for just $10!

GOSO Discount!

Get 6 items ironed or mended at regular price, get the next 6 items ironed or mended for free!

GOCO Discount!

Get one comforter cleaned and get the second comforter, or equal or lesser size, cleaned for free!

Updated!!! All of these discounts are valid from November 11, 2019 to May 15, 2019. (Extended through the Spring!)

I’m looking forward to continuing to do business with you for another year. Thank you for letting me serve you.

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Trying to live my best life, but chores keep getting in the way!

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