Come Join Us For A Celebration of Women

It’s time for another art gallery showing and another chance to meet the Laundry Diva (psst! My daughter and I have pieces featured in this month’s art show).

Our event is called “A Celebration of Women” and is on August 20th, 4-730 pm.  We are featuring different artists at this reception.  We are acknowledging the beginning of the 100th year of women having the right to vote.

Desiree Hickson is the small business owner of Diva’s Laundry Service. • Amanda Stoke in the Art Gallery Manager at Art 111 Gallery & Art Supply and Creation Specialistat Re’Membering Our Oneness. • Lilith Hickson is a young student and artist. • Brenda Longo is the owner of Brenda’s Bling Thing and encourages people to share more truth and inspiration through the Project. • Carol McIntyreis an artist who creates visual experiences that expand your imagination. An author and instructor teaching artists how to stop mixing mud and unleashing their creative powers. • Tamara Herl is an Experiential Facilitator who offers profound coaching, nature, and art therapy sessions that help people understand their challenges from a new perspective. As an artist, she creates mixed media images to help spiritual seekers evolve. • Additionally,members of Miriam’s Place have created a piece with a kitchen motif to highlight ideas of the past and what life was like before suffrage.

The event is free and the art and other works will be on display throughout the month of August, so you can drop in at any time to view it.


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