Breaking The Rules: Doing Laundry With Wild Abandon

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It happens to the best of us. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to do the laundry “the right way”.

I’m speaking from experience, here. When you have a big family that you are responsible for keeping clothed, doing a week’s worth of laundry can be an all-day chore when you include the sorting, the washing, the drying, the folding, and the storing. Heck, doing two to three days worth of laundry for my brood turns into something that makes me tired even thinking about it and I do other people’s laundry for a living!

Some advice I got a little while ago and now I’m getting back to is, in order to help keep laundry at bay, do at least one load, a day. The problem for someone like me is that I do prefer to sort my laundry and wash them according to water temp or fabric type. Very often, there are not enough clothes to bother sorting in a 24 hour period, so I end up throwing whites in with reds and blues. For better or worse, when you are a busy, working, mom like me, sometimes you have to throw the laundry rules out of the window.

They don’t make clothes like they used to. Colors don’t bleed like they used to. Sweaters don’t shrink like they used to. Undies don’t stretch like they used to. With some exceptions, for all intents and purposes, and with some care, you can throw all of your clothes in the washer and the dryer, with wild abandon, no sorting or anything, and they should come out alright.

The exceptions to this rule include animal fibers such as wool. This type of fabric is prone to bleeding and shrinking, so be very careful when tossing those items in with your regular wash and moving them into the dryer.

Another exception, at least in the dryer, is anything made with nylon or acrylic fibers. Do NOT put these items in a super-hot dryer. They tend to melt when coming in contact with the dryer drum. You will notice burn holes in your items or they will shed like a sheered sheep when you remove them from the dryer.

Pro-tip when doing laundry with wild abandon:

Washing: If you are dealing with a wide assortment of clothing colors, then I highly recommend using cold water in the wash. This will help minimize the possibility of a fabric that does bleed ruining whatever white clothes are in the wash. It could still happen, but the bleed won’t be as bad as if you use hot water in the wash.

Drying: If you are dealing with a wide assortment of fabric types, then I highly recommend using a medium temperature or lower, in the dryer. It may take a little bit longer to dry, but the low temperature will help reduce heat-damage that may occur with some fabrics left in a dryer that is set too hot.

Fold it and store it right away. I do not recommend leaving today’s laundry to put away until the next time you do laundry. There is only so much laundry rule breaking and wild abandon that I can advocate.

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Have A Great Laundry Day!

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