It Works! Hydrogen Peroxide Pretreater

If there’s bubbles, it’s working!

Oxygen cleaners and pretreaters are all the rage these days, but nothing beats the real thing, hydrogen peroxide, for those pesky biological stains.

A toothbrush and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide can help eliminate a multitude of biological stains including blood, grass, coffee, wine, chocolate, and other food stains. It may work on non-biologicals like lipstick, but the peroxide wears down the proteins in the stains, making it easier to wash out the color in the stain. Just pour a little peroxide on the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, brush the stain to loosen the protein particles, then rinse the stain with cold water. Repeat as needed.

Wash with your normal laundry but don’t forget to check the stain is completely gone before tossing the item in the dryer to be sure the stain doesn’t set-in.

Caution: Treat blood stains ASAP! If the blood is allowed to sit for hours or days, it will set in. For best results, rinse the blood out of the item BEFORE pretreating, then use peroxide to remove any excess stain before washing normally.

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