It Works! Hairspray As Pretreater

Hairspray is for more than just big hair!

The tip: Use hairspray to get out pesky ink stains in your clothes.

The trick: Works best on fresh ink. This trick is not reliable on set in stains, although it may help to minimize the stain.

Why it works: The secret is the isopropyl alcohol.

How to use it: Place a towel or some other thick fabric that you don’t mind (possibly) getting damaged under the stain to be treated. Spray the ink spot. Dab (don’t rub) with a cloth to absorb the ink and hairspray. Continue, as needed, until the stain begins to fade (beware of possible stain-bleeding beyond original boundaries) and ink no longer can be absorbed in the cleaning cloth.

When the stain is faded to your satisfaction, rinse the stain, by hand, in the hottest water the fabric can tolerate. Repeat, all the steps as needed, until ink is no longer noticeably being rinsed out (the stain may still be evident, but ink is no longer bleeding from the stain when you run it under water or wring out the fabric).

Wash item as you normally would. The stain should be gone or barely noticeable. If not, you can try pretreating, again.

Warning: Do NOT put item in the dryer if you feel there is a chance to get any leftover ink residue. Once it’s dried, the stain will very likely be set forever. If you don’t have time to re-treat the item right away, let it air-dry and try re-treating it later.

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