It's My Anniversary

Five Years Ago Today!

Happy Anniversary!


It’s been five years (six, if you include the year we started dating)!

What a long, strange, tumultuous trip it’s been and it ain’t over yet!

We made it through another year despite my foolish decision to leave a job that was making me miserable, not realizing that my new job would not bring in the income that we really needed to get by comfortably. We’ve been blessed by the generosity of family and friends to scrape by or else this year would have been much harder to get through.

I’ve had peace and quiet in my life leaving that job, though, so despite the ultimate outcome, I don’t regret it. I don’t feel so much anger and frustration any more. Sure, I’m disappointed in where I’ve ended up, but I am much happier in my own skin. I don’t work for anyone who does business unethically or with ethically-challenged coworkers.

Just like the forecast for another year of marriage, I’m hopeful that my job prospects will turn up and that income will get better. I’m writing and publishing now, it’s not lucrative, but it’s not nothing, either. I may be taking baby steps, but at least I’m not giving up and I’m proud of my efforts.

Speaking of efforts, check out the set-up I got for our anniversary! I used funds from the gift cards we got for the holidays to surprise The Hubster with this:

Already, I have a lot going on in 2018. I’ve actually already published my first book (under another pseudonym) and I’m continuing to edit my first book of poetry for The Resistance called “Hope Is The Root”, which I plan to publish by January 20th. I’ve got other books in the pipeline and I’m working on a novel.

One major goal I have, this year, besides getting a decent paying job is to get better writing software (free has it’s limitations) and recording equipment so that I can transform my books into audiobooks.

I wish my life were going better right now, but I’m hopeful that 2018 will bring hope, love, happiness, and success and I wish the same for you!

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