Triggered: Dizzy News Round-Up

Content Alert: This post contains a round-up the day’s news and may likely contain an abundance of foul language.

Triggered: Why Am I Dizzy Today?

Welcome to my Triggered post, part round-up, part venting portal; a place for me to post the news of the day and express my personal opinion (if I feel so inclined).

Dizzy sez: Say what you will about social media, but it has enabled the amplification of voices that were, at one time, ignored. Now the light is shining on the scum who once, only slithered along in the dark, and how disappointing it is. Pretty soon there won’t be any movies or tv shows I will willingly watch. Sad.

Dizzy sez: Can we please, pretty please, make this the shortest presidency of a living president in U.S. history, pretty please, with cheetos on top?

Dizzy sez: Turns out, a few loopholes, despite Trump’s shenanigans, may enable more people than ever, to pay less or next to nothing, for health insurance premiums, this year. Hurry! You only have until December 15th to get signed up, this year.

Dizzy sez: A fascinating story and an interesting legal conundrum.

Dizzy sez: The closer Mueller gets to Trump, the louder and more outrageous the fake news is going to get.

Dizzy sez: Like my friend, Headly, says, “I’m so glad that we now live in a post-racial society “.

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