Triggered: Dizzy's News Round-Up

Content Alert: This post contains a round-up the day’s news and may likely contain an abundance of foul language.

Triggered: Why Am I Dizzy Today?

Welcome to my Triggered post, part round-up, part venting portal; a place for me to post the news of the day express my personal opinion (if I feel so inclined).

Dizzy sez: The good news is just as bad as the bad news; a nuclear war would be the end of all war. Of course, it would be the end of mankind and the world, but what does humanity mean to world leaders with little dicks, but big nukes?

Dizzy sez: Marriage is hard enough for two grown folks to handle, why would anyone still think it okay to push that responsibility onto children as young as ten or 13? If an individual is not old enough to enter into a binding legal contract on their own, they should not be able to enter into a binding marriage contract. We changed the laws on the age of smoking, drinking and voting. It’s long past time to change the laws on the legal age of marriage.

Dizzy sez: I fucking love science! I love that our universe is constantly revealing itself and we learn more and more how we Earthlings fit into it.

Dizzy sez: I’m sure who ever came up with this product thought it was cute, but I actually saw “that movie”, so I’ll pass on replacing any meals with this product.

Dizzy sez: I’ve pretty much stopped using Facebook and Instagram and I’m “thisclose” to no longer using Twitter. The lack of concern for users and the lack of transparency regarding how users are being manipulated by “advertisers” and trolls is unconscionable. How can we fight against this nonsense when the powers that be value money over letting users know when their timelines and feeds are being abused by interlopers and fake accounts? I’m not calling for censorship, but forcing “advertisers” , for instance, to use disclaimers to inform users that they are being targeted (a la email campaigns: “You are being shown this because you subscribed to X or you showed interest in Y…this post is being promoted by a foreign entity, etc.”) would go a long way to instilling trust back into the platforms that continually being manipulated by “advertisers” and trolls masquerading as legit (American) groups and organizations.

Dizzy sez: Because we, apparently, don’t pamper our pets enough.

Dizzy sez: I am beyond tired of seeing the current White House occupant and his Swamp Things continue to disrespect the American people, and especially Black Americans. Relatedly, I’m sick of seeing people blame Representative Wilson for “escalating” this debacle, even though both the Dotard-In-Chief and Chief of Staff Kelly lied and tried to defame her and the Gold Star widow; they both have every right to defend themselves. Only authoritarians would require that they simply “shut up and go away” .

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