Triggered: Why Am I Dizzy Today?

Content Alert: This post contains a round-up the day’s news and may likely contain an abundance of foul language.

Triggered: Why Am I Dizzy Today?

Welcome to my Triggered post, part round-up, part venting portal; a place for me to post the news of the day express my personal opinion (if I feel so inclined).

Dizzy sez: Remember kids, just because the current resident in the White House and his swamp things are friends with the Russians doesn’t mean that Russia is a friend to the U.S. at large. Russia is not our ally or friend.

Dizzy sez: Funny how Faux Nooz has been all over scummy, sexual harrasser, Harvey Weinstein, trying to hang him like an albatross around the neck of the Democratic Party, yet the home of christian conservative and Republican news is all set to embrace their own scummy sexual harrasser, Bill O’Reilly. I guess “family values” only matter when Democrats are the sinners or, in other words, IOKIYAR (It’s okay if you’re a Republican).

Has something in the news triggered you? Feel free to drop your comments below this post.

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