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BYOH: Build Your Own Happiness or How to hack your own happiness buttons.

Today: Find happiness in small things while waiting for big things to happen.

Good Luck

There is a saying that, “good things come to those who wait,” but others, like myself, would argue that being proactive in pursuing good things, will allow for more good things, more often.

Obviously, no sayings or quotes are 100% spot-on all of the time. Some things must be waited on, merely because how timing works things out.

For instance, if you are looking for a great job, you can’t “just get one” because you want one, but you won’t get one if you don’t pursue it. That is to say, you have to put in your resume and pound the pavement and there is still no guarantee that you will get that great job.

On the other hand, you could be actively upping your chances for getting that great job (whatever that is for you), by studying and practicing the skills you need to do the job well and even honing the skills you already have to up the chances that you’ll be the best candidate when the time is right. Even if you don’t get the job (right away or even at all), you will have learned several valuable things that you will be able to show-off in other venues, as well.

Of course, another way is to also create the opportunity for yourself and on your own terms without waiting for random opportunities to pop up. For instances, hiring yourself out for short gigs, instead of waiting for the big one. Get entrepreneurial and develop your own great job.

Another path you could take would be to seize small opportunities while waiting for bigger opportunities to become available. For instance, if you are waiting to welcome children into your life, you could spend your time volunteering to help other children in need of temporary support, such as babysitting or foster parenting or even volunteering at youth centers or Sunday schools.

Another example would be travel. Even if today you are too poor to travel the world, there are typically dozens of opportunities to explore your own community, in the same manner. For instance, I’ve lived in Colorado for more than 20 years, but I am STILL finding new places to visit and explore. I’ll never have the money to get to Paris, France, I fear, but there is very little stopping me from visiting an old gold mine or riding the many historical lines of early railways still on display in the state.

The point of all this is to, simply, say, rather than sit around waiting for good things, get up and create your own good things or get active with the good things available around you and make the most of them WHILE you “wait”.

What kinds of things do you do to pass the time while waiting for expectant opportunities to finally knock?

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