Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

“Each day is a gift for you to carefully unwrap. What happens next is up to you. You can cherish every second that you’re given or let time slip between your fingers. You can live every day with gusto and make every moment matter or you can be fearful and worry about what tomorrow will bring. You can reach out and make a difference in someone’s life or focus on more ways to better your own. You can pursue new ways to grow as a person or wait to see if the world stops changing. You can reach for things that’ll make you happy or you can be content with what you already have. You can drift along from dawn to dusk or live life like there’s no tomorrow. … Before you know it, the seconds become minutes, the minutes become hours, and the day disappears into the night. Yesterday is a memory — a place you can visit only in your dreams. And remember, no matter how hard you try, you can never get your minutes back. Those minutes are gone forever. Tomorrow is a new day.”~Frank Sonnenberg

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