Presidenting Is Hard, Amirite?

It’s just, like, my opinion, man, but I’m going to share it with you anyway.

Content warning: Mention of Nazis, White Supremacists , liberal use of expletives.

Presidenting Is Hard, Amirite?

I think that we can all agree that presidenting is hard. It’s true. Just ask any president.

Take President Obama, for instance. He was no saint (ahem: drone strikes) and he had to deal with nasty rumors about whether or not he was an American citizen (we won’t even talk about the other nasty racist crap; a post for another dizzy day). But he did work to get a lot of Americans access to healthcare, pejoratively called, “Obamacare“.

President Bush 43 had to deal with foot-in-mouth disease (“Fool me once, shame on you, fool me, can’t get fooled, again”), Afghanistan, after 9/11, and “Mission Accomplished” in Iraq. Not to mention, the economy tanking on his watch due to the shenanigans of those sneaky bankers and shady Wall Street types.

President Clinton had to deal with that pesky blue dress and trying to figure out what “the definition of is is”, all while shutting up gays in uniform so that the military could pretend that they didn’t exist, unless somebody asked, of course, and kicking tons of poors out on the street to appease his Republican cronies and calling it “welfare reform”.

Presidenting is really, really, really hard! Bigly! Look at our current 45th president. What with his tiny hands and small inauguration crowd, even his executive orders, trying to keep Muslims out of the country, can’t get no respect. And, we knew that healthcare was hard (Thanks, Obama), but damn, even is own party wouldn’t give him the win. And, now, Bobby Two Sticks is after him, his family and friends. Never mind that nobody understands the bromance between him and the Russian president. Sad.

But, of all the things that should not be hard for the president or, in fact, any effing body, is VEHEMENTLY DENOUNCING NAZIS and WHITE SUPREMACISTS!

It’s true. If, you’re “like, a smart person,” like President 45 claims to be, you denounce people who hate other people because of their ethnicity, race, religion, or creed. You don’t claim that they’re “very fine people,” because “very fine people” don’t wish to abolish the lives and/or the rights and freedoms of people who are not white and/or Christian. “Very fine people” don’t go to protests armed to the teeth with semi-automatic weapons, knives, or bats. “Very fine people” don’t go around chanting, “One people, one nation, end immigration,” or “Jews will not replace us,” or liberally toss around the word “ni**er” or “fa**ot”. “Very fine people” don’t run their cars into people who disagree with their philosophy (RIP Heather Heyer).

But, presidenting must be really hard for President 45 because, instead of VEHEMENTLY DENOUNCING NAZIS and WHITE SUPREMACISTS that marched into Charlottesville, Va on Friday night, with their Tiki torches, screaming, “Blood and soil!” and “Jews will not replace us!” and bringing their firearms and weapons caches to “protest” the removal of a Confederate statue on Saturday, culminating in a series of nasty incidents that included throwing urine on the media, beating Deandre Harris, nearly to death, just next door to the (FUCKING) police station, and running down 20 counter-protesters, killing Heather Heyer, our sitting president got up in front of the cameras TWICE and blamed both sides for the violence AND told Americans, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Okay, Alright, President 45 did “denounce” them…for a hot second, but we all knew it was BS, even the Nazis and white supremacists didn’t believe him. In fact, within a couple of hours of his “denouncement,” noting that NOBODY, but nobody was buying it, he jumped on Twitter to whine about how mean everyone was for not believing in his fake sincerity. The very next day, he undid that denouncement and fiercely, proving, once again, how hard presidenting is.

Listen, come in close, I won’t bite.

I know that there are racists who I work with, live among, and do business with. I know a sad chunk of our cops, judges, and politicians are racists and closet Nazis and white supremacists. I get it. I also get that “smart people” know that neither business nor government can hope to run smoothly without the employment, the dollars, and the community support of black, brown and other people of color. White people, alone, cannot sustain these operations to the level that they currently function. Thus, “smart (racist) people, particularly business owners and politicians work very hard to keep their beliefs under wraps, so as not to alienate the people willing to throw money and support their way. Some very “smart (racist) people have no problem VEHEMENTLY DENOUNCING NAZIS and WHITE SUPREMACISTS and… Sounding sincere, in order to keep their businesses or careers from being denounced, instead. It’s smart business. It’s smart politics. IT’S NOT HARD.

I know that presidenting is hard for President 45, but THIS shouldn’t be. The white supremacist Confederates LOST the Civil War. There shouldn’t even be fucking statues to their Confederate “heroes”. The white supremacist Nazis LOST World War II. Most European countries don’t even allow the casual display of Nazi swastikas, never mind, NO FUCKING STATUES, to “celebrate the Third Reich.” The Confederacy and the Nazis are LOSERS! Not to mention TRAITORS. Neither in the past, nor now, were either of these groups “Very fine People”. Brave American men and women fought to rid the world of evils of racism supported by the white supremacist Confederates and Nazis. They already showed the world that they were not “Very fine People”. A really smart (President) person, could denounce the violent or destructive acts that may have been perpetrated by some of the people protesting the Nazis and White Supremacists in Charlottesville while still VEHEMENTLY DENOUNCING NAZIS and WHITE SUPREMACISTS; the easiest thing for a president or any smart person, to do.

Unfortunately, this proved too hard for President 45, even though he’s, “like a smart person.” Honestly, if denouncing hate and racism is so hard for him, despite the fact that his favorite daughter, her husband, and their two children are Jewish and despite the Nazis and Confederates being historical losers (and we know how much he hates losers), then maybe President 45 should resign. There’s no shame in that.

The shame is in not VEHEMENTLY DENOUNCING NAZIS and WHITE SUPREMACISTS. But, that’s, like, my opinion, man.

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