Keeping You In Stitches: New Video Tutorial Series

Drumroll, please!

Introducing (finally), my first EVER video tutorial.

It took me awhile to roll it out because I was learning as I went I wanted to make sure that I covered all of my bases, including voice-overs, transcripts, and graphics, before I published it.

I’m no Ava Duvernay, but it’s only a little crappy for an absolute beginner. Now that I have a better idea of how to do this, expect subsequent video tutorials to get exponentially better.

In this first video, for absolute beginners, we are working on how to do a slipknot, how to make a chain of stitches, and finally, how to crochet a square.

I’ve included a transcript with pictures, so you can either follow along with the video or follow the transcript below:

Transcript: Keeping You In Stitches with The Dizzy Crafter

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-Start Video/Transcript-

Dizzy VO: Keeping You In Stitches with The Dizzy Crafter

Welcome to “Keeping You In Stitches” a new crochet video series brought to you by The Dizzy Crafter and the Dizzy Craft Lab.

Today, we are going to start at the beginning and work our way up to a square, starting with a slipknot, a chain stitch, and a chain of single crochet to finish your first sample piece.

Dizzy VO: Keeping You In Stitches with the Dizzy Crafter.

Today, we’re going to going learn: 1) How to make a slipknot, 2) How to make a chain of stitches, and 3) How to crochet a square.

Dizzy VO: How to make a slipknot

Today, we’re going to start with a 4.25mm crochet hook or a G-hook, great for beginners. In fact, this very hook was my first crochet hook.

I’m using some scrap cotton yarn for today’s demonstration.

To make a slipknot take the following steps:…

Every crochet project starts with a slipknot.

Wrap the end of the yarn around your finger, two (2) times, forming an X across the bottom of your finger. Use your crochet hook to pull the back strand up under the front strand while pulling the yarn off of your finger.

You should have a loose knot on your hook. Pulling the hook with one hand and the strands under the know with the other, tighten the knot against the hook.

Now you are ready to get started.

Dizzy VO: How to make a chain of crochet stitches

Typically, before starting any crochet project, you will begin with a chain of stitches.

With your slipknot on your hook you will wrap the yarn over (YO) the hook and pull the yarn through the existing knot (loop already on the hook) to make a new loop.

Today, we are going to start with eleven (11).

Dizzy VO: Now let’s make a square using the chain you just started and using a new step called a single crochet (SC).

Now that we have eleven (11) chains on the hook … We are ready to start making our square which will be ten (10) stitches across and ten (10) rows up.

The eleventh stitch is so that the sides build up evenly -you’ll see what I mean-

Put the end of your hook in the second chain (loop) from the hook. Yarn-over (YO). Pull through until there are two (2) loops on the hook. Then yarn-over (YO), pull through the two loops on the hook. You’ve made your first single crochet!

We are going to do this ten time. When we reach the end, we are going to make a single chain (our eleventh stitch) and turn our work to start a new row.

Repeat this nine more times.

Now, I’m going to turn off the camera and when I come back, I’ll show you how to finish.

Now, we’ll finish up the last ten stitches (single crochet), then put your yarn-over (YO) and pull the last stitch through. Cut off the tail and you have a perfect square.

Once we finish with our square, it’s important that we weave in the ends so that they’re not dangling around. Just take a crochet needle (make sure you only have one. This one is magnetic so it seems to have captured a smaller needle, but, nevertheless … ) You’ll thread your crochet needle and then you’ll weave it down the side of your project.

Just a little bit. It doesn’t need to go all the way down, but just enough. I usually try to make mine go all the way down the whole line to make it stiffer and sturdier. But you just need to weave it in so it’s not noticeable to the naked eye.

Do that on both sides if necessary or whatever ends are sticking out. Now you have a perfectly well-manicured square. Good job!

Dizzy VO: Thanks so much for joining me with Keeping You In Stitches with the Dizzy Crafter the new crochet video series brought to you by The Dizzy Crafter and the Dizzy Craft Lab.

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-End Video/Transcript-

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