BYOH: Amuse Your Senses

BYOH: Build Your Own Happiness or How to hack your own happiness buttons.

Today: Surround yourself with your favorite smells!

Amuse Your Senses

One of my favorite and inexpensive ways of hacking my own happiness buttons is to surround myself with pleasant smells that bring to mind favorite memories.

Marketers often use smell to trigger certain memories and thus, behaviors, from potential customers. Like when a real estate agent bakes cookies or puts fresh cut flowers in a house they are trying to sell, to remind potential buyers of “home sweet home” or when the local grocer bakes bread or grills chicken at certain times of the day to encourage customers, with the smell of freshly cooked food, to add these items to their grocery list for the day.

Likewise, individuals can trigger their own positive/good mood, by surrounding themselves with smells that trigger memories of happy times.

For instance, I like to light incense or burn candles that smell like vanilla. My favorite perfumes and colognes have vanilla notes. To be honest, I’m not sure what it is about vanilla that makes me happy. I can’t connect it with one specific memory. I just know that I like it, so I surround myself with it, often.

Another thing I love to do, particularly in the winter, is boil fragrant chips on the stove, to make the entire house smell sweet or, using a cookie sheet, bake drops of aroma oils in the oven. Even if I’m grumpy, just walking around my home increases my positive mood, thus helping to push my happiness buttons.

What are your favorite smells to surround yourself with that make you feel better?

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