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Some things you likely never wanted to know about DizzyDezzi but will be afraid you asked.

Gamer Heaven

I admit it. My guilty pleasure is that I like playing computer games in my down time.

If it interests me enough, I’ll play anything from a typical match-3 game to an adventurous RPG.

If the game is really interesting and the bonuses are generous, whether or not the game is particularly challenging, then I might focus all of my downtime on that one game.

I used to be obsessed with playing The Sims, but as each new expansion or version came out, the game got overly complicated for a simulated dollhouse game. Since I had a real life that I enjoyed, too, I decided that I just didn’t have the time or desire to get the most out the game for all the money I was spending to keep up with the “world o’ sims”.

Later, I would discover Farmville, on Facebook, and I would play it to the point where I would actually set alarms to make sure that I got to my crops on time. Then, of course, all the updates and new versions of that game got overly complicated and it just wasn’t worth my time to try to keep up, so I ditched that game, as well.

Now, I play a multitude of games, but I like to keep it simple. I don’t like to play games where parts of it “go bad” (like Farmville) if you don’t return “on time”. I don’t like to play games that feel the need to encourage so many special features that you would have to play 24/7 in order to utilize them all (and nag all of your online friends to meet accomplishments on time).

I don’t mind games that take effort, but one or two challenges, at a time, is sufficient. I like city-builders, bubble-poppers, gem-swappers, and pinball-shooters.

I do obsess. I won’t move on to the next level unless I am forced to (Gardenscapes) or unless I can get three stars. And, like my favorite super-hero series’ (Marvel/DC television, streaming, and movie series’), I’ll try every version of a game, until I get bored and try something else.

Games keep me occupied, but they also challenge me, mentally. If I can solve a particular puzzle to overcome a level in a game, it makes me feel good about myself.

Games relax me. If I’m feeling like an insomniac, usually playing a game for about thirty minutes can help get me relaxed enough to get to sleep.

The way I see my guilty pleasure and the pleasure of others is simple; I don’t care what kind of life you have, we are all human and need to find a way to wind down from the struggles of life. Whether it’s Candy Crush or the Kardasians, what the hell do I care how others find a little bit of joy in life?

Like the saying goes, “You do you, Boo!”

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