Embracing My Dizzy Side

Some things you likely never wanted to know about DizzyDezzi but will be afraid you asked.

Why Am I So Dizzy?

Once upon a time, in a land far, far, away, in a middle school English class, I was busted doing something incredibly silly and forever dubbed with the name “Dizzy Desi”.

I was an awkward fifth grader and prone to peer pressure. I had started to wear a bra and I was encouraged by my “friends” to “fill it out” (after all, what good is a bra if you’ve got nothing to show for it, eh?). As I was walking into my fifth grade English class, with an incredibly vile English teacher (whose name I forgot a long time ago), the stuffing I was using to make me bustier began to shift around, making my boobs look lumpy.

As I was shifting my lumps around, I gained the attention of the English teacher who walked over to my desk and asked me to hand her “whatever I was hiding”. I bowed my head in shame as I handed her the handful of tissues I had been adjusting inside my shirt. In front of the whole class, and to my horror, this teacher began to wave the tissues around and announced to everyone that I stuffed my bra.

The teacher continued to bully and shame me by asking me, sarcastically and loud enough for the class to hear, was I “stupid or just ditzy?” Before I could respond, she continued, “I know, you’re just dizzy. From now on, I’m going to call you ‘Dizzy Desi’!”

That name stuck with me through the rest of the school year and was picked up by my peers and used in every class and on the playground until summer vacation set in. I never saw that teacher again, but I hope she got fired eventually (teachers like her are one of the many reasons that I homeschool my own children).

I hated it. That was when I determined that the only people who I would allow to use my nickname, “Desi” (short for Desiree) would be family (who already called me that). I adopted a new nickname, “Dez” or else told people to call me by my given name.

When I started blogging some 18 years ago (Geocities and Yahoo…those were the days), I wanted to come up with a unique pseudonym. Despite loathing the name, I decided to re-adopt the Dizzy and add a couple of Zs to my official nickname and reincarnate “DizzyDezzi” as a braver, less awkward version of the child who had been given that name originally.

When it came time to name my business, it made sense to name it “The Dizzy Crafter”. I actually make more than crochet items, I’ve just made more items using crochet. In any case, despite the shame I endured when I was first given the name, “Dizzy”, I’ve reclaimed it and I’m very proud to wear the name now.

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