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This is a fundraising post. Please keep reading to find out more.

I was going to call this post, “How To Get Back At My Ex”, but I actually don’t want to get back at my ex. Ain’t nobody got time for that. But, I do actually need to overcome the damage that he is trying to do to his children by refusing to pay his child support.

For years, I have watched my mouth and my writing, in order to avoid drama and in order to avoid him playing games with the child support by not paying it. Well, since he has decided not to pay his child support, I have decided to do get back at him, by doing my best to make up the difference, unless or until he maintains his responsibility or until I raise enough money to take care of my babies AND take him to court.

He was already in arrears, having a few months in the past, where he only made partial child support payments (and yes, I have a journal and bank statements of the receipts), but I have kept my cool, trying to keep the peace, so that he would continue to help take care of his kids. But, since he has decided to sidestep the law, I am no longer under any obligation to keep my cool; I mean, this is our children we are talking about. I’m not about to let us get evicted and put out on the street because he’s butt-hurt STILL from what was supposed to be an amicable divorce. I have been silent long enough. And if my ex or anybody affiliated with him decides to send CPS to my door, I plan to show them THIS BLOG POST to prove that their visit is not in good faith, but it is vindictive, in nature. I will also be happy to show them the records that I have that prove his child-support is in arrears.

I don’t make enough on my own (and my current partner has child support obligations of his own) to make up the difference that the child support covered in helping take care of our kids, so I’m posting my fundraiser, again because I could really use some help in getting back at my ex, by raising the money to feed my kids on my own.

But, I’m not just begging for funds, I’m willing to offer something to my donors in return, including the following:

1) $20: Hire me to craft you something. (Check out my Special Commissions Page).

2) $20: Sponsor this blog and my social media accounts for a day and let this blog endorse and support your brand for one day. Get your name/brand and blog listed on our upcoming Sponsors page (Contact me for more details).

3) $10: Hire me to write you a poem or a short story. (Contact me for more details).

4) $10-$20: Buy my pre-made crafts (Visit my Facebook page).

5) $1-$100+: Simply donate to the Tip Jar and get your my and my children’s undying gratitude. (Donate here).

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you in advance for your support.

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