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Such is life, that the ideal situations that we envision for ourselves, rarely, work out as planned. Due to circumstances beyond my control, and the need to increase revenue, while I try to work on my ebooks and crafts for my shop, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and allow sponsored posts and content on this blog.

It was a tough decision, because I did not start this blog to produce content for third-parties, but it was always my intent to use this blog to make money. I don’t like the shenanigans that I see other blogs get up to and so I will try to avoid those tricks on this site, but sponsored posts will bring in a bit of revenue, while I get my ebooks new crafts together for publishing/for sale over the next few weeks.

Please bear with this blog and its growing pains. I still plan to continue posting regular and personal or informative content, in the meantime.


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