I Quit And I Couldn't Be Happier


I did it. I quit my day job. After years of complaining about being harassed and bullied, I finally left my toxic job. And I’m so happy that I did.

For the past few years, I have put on a brave face, did a great job; even enjoying the work, itself. But, what I had to be brave for, was dealing with toxic individuals.

I have complained and whined to my friends, getting advice to either hang in there or to get a new job. I took their support, in stride, but I was limited in what steps I could actually take.

I couldn’t go to HR; that didn’t exist. To add insult to injury, when I would complain to management, I was ignored and, in fact, I was often manipulated, by them, as well.

I was loathe to go out and get another day job due to my family circumstances, including a lack of private transportation, that made distance and timing a big issue to overcome. But, mostly, I was not interested in leaving one toxic job, where, at least, I had longevity, to go to another toxic job where I would end up stuck, again.

One year ago, I determined that I would make myself a way out of my toxic work environment. I got a business and a sales tax license, set up the website you are reading, and determined to sell crafts and crochet to raise funds to make my move.

Admittedly, my craft business is not very lucrative, but it has been a wonderful, motivating force. My desire to stay home and cultivate my business motivated me to jump into the “gig economy” and do independent contractor work for an online service. The service is just now getting off of the ground, and I’m lucky to be in the first wave of service providers, when it finally kicks off, this weekend.

It has been an awesome stroke of luck that everything is falling into place at exactly the right time. It’s as if I plotted this all out from the beginning, but I honestly had no idea if NOW would ever happen. In fact, I quit my job, not knowing just exactly when my new job would kick in. But, the writing was on the wall, at my day job, that soon, if I didn’t quit, that I would get fired for being insubordinate (it was getting harder and harder to hold my tongue and express myself). So I put in three weeks notice and, thankfully, left with my head held high.

Now, I have more time to spend with my kids, my partner, my crochet business, and my new job. I work from home, so no worries about transportation. The best part is, I love the people that I work around, I make my own schedule and, I’m my own boss.

On this site, I will soon begin sharing my experiences with a toxic workplace and offer advice, based on my own practices, on how to stick it out, if you can’t leave, right away. So watch this space, as I hope to make it a permanent feature.

Feel free to send email to Contact@dizzydezzi.com with questions, comments, concerns or to share your own story or to get advice.


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