I Have Faith

I Have Faith

Yet, and still,

I have faith

In my fellow man

In this society

Still struggling with

The demons of the past

And hope in the future.

I have faith

That this society

Will rise up

And stand together

So that the demons of the past

Will not succeed

In being fully resurrected

I have faith

That our future selves

And our progeny

Will look back

Knowing that we stood up

And spoke out

Against those who

Tried to lead us

Into a dark destiny

I have faith

That the powers

Trying to lead

Us all

Down this dark corridor

Will not prevail

And that our society

Will fight and rage

Against the dying of the light

I have faith

That the end

Is not nigh

So long as society

Continues the good fight

I have faith

~DizzyDezzi (c) 2017



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