Winter-Ugh: A Melancholy Poem

Winter-Ugh: A Melancholy Poem

The melancholy fog rolls in every morning
Making me dread the start of every day.

I’m more than a little sick of traversing snow and ice
Making my way to work during the week.

I get excited at the smallest hint of sunshine
Making me long for Spring’s swift arrival.

I feel dejected every morning I wake up in the cold
Making way for another day of ‘winter-ugh’.

Ugh…more snow?!
Really getting sick and tired of walking around like an Eskimo.

Ugh…more ice?!
Really getting bored with my limited footwear choices.

Ugh…more crap weather?!
Really getting sick of your &.@.#.$, Mother Nature.

I am so over this ‘winter-ugh’
So ready to peel off the layers
Of my boisterous personality
So ready to throw off this gloom
Embracing my happy side
So ready to dress the part
Of someone who feels comfortable in her real skin
So ready to be rid of the things that make me feel miserable
Embracing the love that I have for myself and the people and things around me

Instead of spending another morning watching another melancholy fog bring the day’s ‘winter-ugh’.

© Dree (2014)

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