Scared for my country

My children


Scared for the future

The female body

Our health

Scared for the children

The hungry

The brave

Scared for humanity


The strain

Scared for the authors

The warriors

The law

Scared that our voices

Will be silenced


Scared that the tyrants

Will mute

Our last words

Scared to be silent

Scared to speak up

Scared to scream that

Enough is enough

Scared that our hopes

Our dreams

Will be dashed

Scared that our future’s

A thing

Of the past

Scared for the hardships


Our way

Scared that the hand-basket

To Hell’s

On its way

Yet despite

My fear

The going will be tough

The days ahead

Will seem dark

And definitely rough

I’m more scared to be silent

Less scared to speak up

I’m scared enough to scream

Enough is Enough!

~DizzyDezzi (c) 2017

Published by Diva

Trying to live my best life, but chores keep getting in the way!

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