DFL: Introverting For The Holidays

DFL: How to live a drama-free life, despite being surrounded by toxic people.

Topic: There’s nothing like “Introverting” for the holidays

This time of year brings up lots of talk of families and get-togethers, for the holidays. Everyone seems to be talking about getting together with their extended family and friends and spending time surrounded by people, including toxic friends and family, who they will be spending the holiday season with.

Then, there’s me. Having grown up in a toxic family environment, I can embrace, the holiday season, only because I won’t have to spend time with, either of, my toxic parents.

Of course, it’s, primarily, because I don’t live anywhere near them. And, truthfully, I try to avoid all types of party gatherings, during this period.

I had been invited to participate in holiday festivities, with some new friends, this year. But, due to unforeseen circumstances, those plans were, effectively, canceled. And, although, on one hand, I was looking forward to bonding with my new friends and I am disappointed that we will likely never connect, again, on the other hand, I was kind of relieved that I would not be required to put on a brave face and step out of my comfort zone.

I don’t miss the old days of holiday decorating or holiday cooking drama or the days of watching my elders get drunk and fight with each other and then take it out on the children. I don’t miss trying to trim the perfect Christmas tree, or cooking the moistest turkey, or setting up for, or even cleaning up the aftermath, of every holiday gathering. I miss my siblings, but not our elders, nor the holidays.

That’s why, in this new life, I’ve embraced my introverted side, the simple, the calm, in the holidays; enjoying the days off and instead, my partner and I, and our children, spending the holidays, in peace. No big meals. No big gatherings. No big decorations. Just all of us, spending time together, enjoying each other’s company, without the drama from toxic family or friends. It’s made for a very happy holiday for us for the past few years.

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