Bye Felicia: Bacon-wrapped Brussels Sprouts

Bye Felicia: When something is just so “Nope!” that Dizzy has something to say about it.

Today: Bacon-wrapped Brussels Sprouts

Not just NOPE! But, HELL NOPE!

The three people whom read this blog may recall my recently reported disdain for brussels sprouts.

Everybody I know is very aware of my love of bacon.

I do not care if brussels sprouts are the last veggie on earth, wrapping them up in bacon will not get me to eat them.

Whomever decided to put these two foods together deserves credit for trying to find a way to get folks to eat their veggies, more often, but they get a “Bye, Felicia” for trying to trick people into eating brussels sprouts by wrapping them in bacon.

Not. Gonna. Happen.

Feel free, to visit my Facebook page and tell me what kind of things that make you say, “Nope! Bye, Felicia!” or drop a line in the comments section. I would really love to hear from you.

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