At Peace

At Peace

Being at peace

May not always

Be so easy

But my heart

My mind

Can’t carry

All the stress


To let go

Of the things

I can’t control

May sound cheesy

But my body

Needs the rest

I may appear

Weak and timid

To those around me

But their concerns

Don’t feed

My mindful needs

I can’t be strong

If I’m always

Fighting battles

I fight better


Once I’ve had

Some rest

You may judge me

By the losses

I’ve allotted

You likely

Aren’t familiar

With my wars

But I fight

Every day

To overcome things

In my way

I do not need

To prove

That I’m strong


Go your way

And put your mind

At ease

I will settle

My warrior mind

Then be

At peace

DizzyDezzi (c) 2016


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