Throwback of the Day: Giant Sweet Tarts

Throwback of the Day, where I’ll post some old random picture from the past and share a story about it.

This is pic is merely a (lame) representation of the awesome candies I used to love as a kid.

While other older people bemoan society’s moral decline, gripe about “today’s music” and supposedly, spoiled brat millennials, I’m over here, whining about how much candy has changed, since I was an 80s kid.

I searched all over Google for a picture of the Giant Sweet Tarts that I grew up with, and all I could find was this poorly shopped copy of what is now, currently, on the market, Giant Chewy Sweet Tarts (these were a staple, too, but not until the 90s). Whomever shopped this pic, edited out the “chewy” title. I could not find a photo of plain, old-fashioned, giant sweet tarts.

There was nothing like, pulling up a seat, in study hall, and taking that package of three silver-dollar sized sweet tarts (blue, pink, and yellow) and bashing it against the desk, to make bite-sized bits, and sucking on those, while I did my homework. If I was outside of school, I’d wash them down with a good old-fashioned Coca-cola. It was my brain-food.

When they came out with the chewy ones, you had to set them in the fridge, first, then bust them up, then wait for them to warm up, to enjoy their tartly goodness. Washing them down with a cherry coke was how I got through college.

I no longer enjoy Sweet Tarts, like I used to, but I still remember them being awesome, as a kid. It’s too bad that I can’t share that full experience (with the old “just” Giant Sweet Tarts) with my kids.

What is this world coming to, when you can’t share the treats from your childhood with your kids? It’s the end-times, I tell ya.

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